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YouTube Music is a new music video streaming service launched by YouTube, a huge subsidiary of Google. It offers a very specialized interface for this service oriented mainly towards online music video streaming. It has a rich and robust library of music videos and music tracks, which can be played on almost all web browsers. It also offers free and paid music video playlists, which can be used by the site visitors as they like. The audio-video interface of YouTube Music is very simple and is designed in such a way that even children can use it with ease and comfort.

One of the unique features of YouTube Music is that, since every song and video uploaded by the users has been tagged by the user, browsing through the list and locating the song which you would like to listen to or download in a jiffy is made easy since you can locate the music videos according to their tags and genres using the search option present in the interface of the website. The audio-video format used by YouTube for posting the videos is FLV and the feature allows the users to view the songs in high definition digital quality. High resolution digital audio is also provided by the website for all the songs uploaded on YouTube. At the click of the mouse, one can find all the videos posted by the artists, bands or music channels featured on YouTube.

Since the launch of YouTube Music many people have expressed their views on the advantages and disadvantages of the site and as more people become aware of the site they start commenting and complaining about various issues related to YouTube Music. These issues range from the royalty fee structure of the site, lack of privacy policy and the manner in which videos are searched and categorized by the users themselves. To take these issues into consideration, the company has launched a new service called Premium Service, which allows the members to enjoy all the benefits of the YouTube Music including all the usual live chat facilities as well as the option of downloading the music directly from the website. To know about the new music streaming service that is coming soon, subscribe now through a reliable internet connection. You can get the email address of the YouTube music subscription manager.